Five EASY Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe At Halloween

Halloween is the start of the holiday season, but it’s not all fun and games for everyone. Your pets may well be at risk during this perfectly spooky holiday.

Kids, both young and old, love Halloween for the tricks and the treats, for the unique costumes, and for the spooky decorations. We do need to be mindful of our pets, as a lot of them may be terrified of the noise, the crowds, and the craziness of it all.

Make sure your whole family, including your pets, have a happy and safe Halloween this and every year.

Here Are Five EASY Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe At Halloween:

1. Get A Good, Long Walk In Before Dark

If you can get their main walk done earlier in the day, then you can just take them out in the yard for some exercise if they are particularly anxious with a lot of people around. Make sure that you check their ID tags and microchips. With a lot of people coming and going from the house, pets can often get spooked and run when the door opens.

2. Not All Pets Want To Wear A Halloween Costume

Does your pet really like being dressed up in what could be an uncomfortable costume? Some pets may love it, but others can become distressed. If your pet really enjoys being dressed up, make sure you choose a costume that fits securely but doesn’t have any loose or hanging strings that could pose a choking risk. And always supervise your pet when they are dressed up.

3. Keep Human Treats Out Of Reach Of Your Pets

Keep the candy and treats out of reach of your pets. Sweets like chocolate can be toxic when ingested. I recommend keeping them in a secure cupboard, as dogs can jump onto counters if they are determined to get a treat! Instead, keep pet-appropriate treats on hand, and include your pets in the fun.

4. Keep Your Pets Indoors In A Comfy Space

Put your pets away from the door in a safe, secure place with a treat, chew, or toy to keep them occupied. Drown out the sound of the doorbell, if necessary, with the radio or TV.

5. Make Sure The House Decorations Are Out Of Reach

These decorations that come out once a year might be enticing for your pets. They may even think that they’re for them! Prevent any chewing or possible eating of decorations by keeping them out of reach, or even outside!

I hope you have fun this Halloween! If you have any tips that you use to keep your pets safe, please let me know in the comments.

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